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Choose the category that best matches the skills you need. Choosing the right category is important as it defines the group of professionals that will be able to submit proposals for your project. For example if you are a lawyer and you need a website, you should post your job in website category and not on legal category. Choosing a relevant subcategory helps contractors search for your job, but does not limit which contractors can submit a proposal within that category.

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Give your project a descriptive title example “Plumber needed to repair leaky bath.” Provide an accurate title so that service providers can quickly see that your project matches their skill set and interest.

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Describing your job in a clear and concise manner is a great way to increase the number and quality of proposals you receive. It helps contractors craft targeted proposals with accurate pricing. Some things to include may be your goals for the job, detailed scope requirements, and time frame expectations. Using examples as references is a great way to make your ideas more concrete.

Describe your project request with details. Greater details get you faster quotes. Little details often delay quotes due to contractor requests for more information about your project. (Publicly Displayed)

You may attach your files to help clarify the job requirements and enable Contractors to prepare more thorough, relevant proposals.Available formats: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx. Maximum size is 10 mb.

Attach file(s) to better explain your request and receive quotes faster. Helpful files include pictures or short videos related to your request and/ or competitor estimates describing your project details with hidden pricing.(Publicly Displayed)

Select top 5 skills you are looking for in the Contractor you hire. The skills selected will be use to tag your job so Contractors easily find it by searching job postings.

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The residence and job location are not always the same. It is important for the Contractors to know where the job is. It is for the USA only.

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Fixed price jobs A project which is a complete, well-defined scope of work where Buyer determines milestones for delivered work, and Contractor is paid when the milestones are achieved.
Hire a Project Manager / Expert Project Manager (PM) is a Buyer posting option for a project which requests a manager to oversee the hiring of contractors for a job. Buyers hire a Project Manager and the PM selects the contractors for the Buyer through the Buyer’s Account under the selected job posting.
Request for Proposal- this requires the contractor to respond to specific questions which enables the marketplace to compare vendors proposals easily “apples to apples” based on the importance of the criteria.

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Specify Budget you need to set up an amount of how much you want to spend on this project.

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Tags will help contractor to find the job easily. Tags should be the text that can define the project in short, it can even be multiple words such as example: Job site, Educational portal

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